EVcharge App

EVcharge is a mobile application aimed at the end user of electric vehicle charge points and is available in Android and Apple iOS.

The ideal application to locate charge points and organise your journeys and trips

Key Features

Map of chargers

Dynamic map with the charge points closest to your location

Help during the process

Real-time information to help you during the charging process – payment and closing

Navigation to the charge point

Connection with navigation to guide you to the selected charge point

Notification of charging completion

Notification directly to your mobile to inform you that the process has finished

Control the time or the kWh of your charging

EVcharge allows you to choose between designating the time and/or the total kWh before the process of charging.

"When I drive around in my electric car, I always locate the charge point that interests me the most for each moment"


Multiple payment systems

The payment system is directly with a card, and the application has the possibility of integrating the payment, according to the needs of the client, through the following platforms:

  • Stripe: MasterCard, VISA, etc
  • Paypal
  • TPV "La Caixa"
  • Other gateways & Virtual TPV

History of all charges

It lists all the charging that the user has done, displaying the name of the charger where it has been done, the total price of the charging, the energy and power consumed and the start and end date.

Information of the connector in which the charge was made and the graph of the charging process, with all the detailed information.


Download EVcharge on your mobile device from here

If you do not have or do not want to use your mobile phone, you can always ask the charge point manager to provide you with an RFID card to carry out the charging and pay.